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Seen and Unseen

I don’t need to “feel seen”. In the essence, I am the Vision.

Despite the many texts and revisions…

I understand the nature of the sword Jesus brought. Not by hands is it wrought.

I wield it, double-edged with abundance and adversity. Vishnu, Shiva, I am the diversity.

The pantheon of the gods is where I dwell. I created it, and laid the foundations. I know the halls well.

Traveling darkness and light with unseen powers, the same that propels the stars of the universe and the growth of the flowers.

My name is the root of The Prophet’s and my namesake built the Blue Mosque. You may scream, crying "blasphemy!", but I’m speaking in terms of history and etymology.

You can’t stand to reign if you can’t stand the rain. Necessary is the knowledge of the depths of the wholesome and profane.

From lackluster paradigms to those with a sheen, I am the Vision, seen and unseen.

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